Securities trading. Pure quant and fundamental analysis.

April 18

Why do we need the stock market and the origins of its formation. Who «trades» at the stock market: review of basic concepts and approaches. Who are fundamental investors and can algorithms outperform them? Weaknesses of algorithmic strategies: can you trust the numbers? We’ll also consider usefulness of forecasts and influence of behavioral biases on decision making.

Andrew Saenko

Andrew Saenko

TKB Investment Partners

13 years of investment experience as a senior analyst and portfolio manager at TKB Investment Partners (former TKB BNP Paribas Investment Partners). TKB Investment Partners (JSC) is the largest non-State asset management company in Russia with about USD 9 billion of assets under management and advisory (as of 31.01.2019). The company manages international funds of Russian equity, local pension funds and implements global strategies for local clients. Andrey is responsible for global equity and high yield fixed income strategies and takes part in managing Russian equity portfolios.